Can you please stop assuming things?

I can’t believe that just because I spend most of my time in school with this friend of mine (shaz) in school, people just assume that we are together. There have been so many rumors in the past that it just annoys me. Do people not have anything better to think about? Just the other day, this friend of mine saw us together and then later she said that she “ships” us. You know that weird thing where you rot for some relationship or something like that. And I was so surprised and I was like “What? Why?” And she was like “because you are always together and are always smiling and happy with each other. Then I just said NO NO NO and the she was like “why? don’t you like her?” And I was like No, I don’t like her, we are not together and we are just friends”. So she said oh okay.

I mean this wasn’t as bad because she asked me directly and did not say it behind my back but still, can people just stop assuming that we are together? Like, can I not just be friends with her and spend a lot of time with her and smile a lot when I am with her? Does that automatically mean that I am with her? And anyways, she is straight. Why do people not understand that? Sometimes this annoys me so much. If people did not know I that I am gay, they would not assume this, they would just think that we are friends. Just because they know, they assume these things.


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