Happy Mothers Day!

My mom works really hard all your round and I think she totally deserves a day where she gets special treatment. And considering we live with our grandmother, my mom also gets to celebrate mothers day with her mother! While my relationship with my mom is not the best possible and it’s a little strained, she does a lot for us and she deserves all the happiness in the world. Lately, she has been very stressed with her work and so I really want her to enjoy today. The day already had a bad start with she getting really mad at me but it’s back to normal now. I did not end up buying her a present as she said that I can buy her something when she sees something she likes. Though I did make cake for her.

It’s a little tradition of ours that my sister and I cook dinner while my mom cooks lunch (My mom usually doesn’t cook at home). So tonight we are making a salad, Egg fried rice and Chicken Piccata (Recipe Here). Now I never end up following the recipe exactly so it’s obviously going to be a little different from the given recipe but oh well! And I am using fresh parsley and rosemary from the garden. Yay! The salad is a recipe I just made up and has lettuce, corn, shredded chicken, and have to think of a few more things to add to it. And the Egg fried rice is also a recipe of my creation. I really hope it turns out fine and is not a disaster. And we are going to have the cake for dessert. So it should be good. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best!

Anyways, Happy Mothers Day!!


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