Done with World Religions

I get so emotional and senti when things get over. Not always in a sad way but like a happy way or something. My Year long IB World Religions course just got over today. I had my last Final for it today and It was pretty good. But I couldn’t help but feel a little sad because it was ending. The director of the school used to teach us this subject and it was only 4 of us who too it. So we would sit around a round table talking and having discussions and I really loved what I was learning. So yesterday when we were walking out from our last class ever there, it was weirdly emotional for me. I was reminiscing about all the stupid things we had done there. And added bonus, because it was an extra subject taught by the director, we got to bunk a lot of our other classes! It was a lot of fun. So today, when it finally got over, I was so happy and yet so sad. It was quite strange actually. I am glad it is over because even though it was one of my favorite subjects, it was very time consuming and my other subjects were suffering because of it but at the same time that I am surely going to miss it!


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