Blue is for boys, Pink is for girls.

I recently came across a kind of chocolate thing called Kinder joy. I mean I have had it before but I recently saw the new packaging of it. They have come up with two different types of packaging. One with a pink container which is meant for girls and one with a blue container which is meant for boys. And to top that, the toy that comes with it is also different for both container it seems. The blue one containing toys which are stereo-typically toys for boys and  the pink ones containing toys which are stereo-typically for girls. This angers me so much. Like why would you do that to little kids? Why would you assume that girls want pink things and boys want blue ones?

And what is with people assuming that girls want to play with dolls and kitchen sets and buys want to play with cars or something? Can you please just let the kids decide what they want to play with.

Recently, I was wearing a dress and I was sitting on the floor with my legs slightly apart and my sister said, Sit like a girl. Now, she is a kid and she did not understand the full meaning of what she was saying, but she has heard it so often that she said it instinctively. From a young age, kids are told that this is girly and not something guys do and vice versa. It is drilled into people so deep that people don’t even think or realize when they make sexist remarks, and they do it unintentionally.

So yeah, my point is that we need to stop subjecting little children to stereotypes and we need to start teaching kids more about equality between the genders.

And also, what about kids who do not fit into the certain gender identity with which they are born? Don’t you think this dividing kids into male oriented things and female oriented things will confuse them?

We really need to stop doing this and let them decide what they want. And I know it’s stupid, but I have stopped buying Kinder joy and on the rare occasions that I do end up buying it, I insist on picking one up randomly with my eyes closed. Yes, make fun of me for this, but this is what I am going to continue doing.


One thought on “Blue is for boys, Pink is for girls.

  1. I definitely agree with you! Having taken a few courses on gender and sexuality in college, I am aware of the assumptions and categories of boxing boys and girls into particular societal roles. It’s definitely problematic, and it’s good for people to be aware when it happens, especially if it might hurt others.

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