Day 29 – My 10 Favorite friends right now

Wow! 10 Favorite friends? I am not even sure if I have 10 favorite friends! But okay, I am going to give this a shot. (For the sake of privacy/anonymity, I am not using their real names)

1. My best friend- GS. She is an amazing person and I love her. She is stupid and a little crazy but oh well, she is who she is! And she is always ready to follow through on my crazy ideas! I have been friends with her for 8 years and in these years there has never been a dull moment when I am with her. Of course we have fought and “broken up” but not for long because I she is so important for me.

2. Divs – Divs is the most understanding person I know. She is an old soul who loves to talk about deep stuff. Talking to her is always refreshing and it helps me clear my mind. And she is super fun to hangout with. Even though we are in different school and life has gotten so busy right now with school and all we do make it a point to meet at least once a week.

3. R (my crush) – So we are not exactly friends, we talk occasionally. But sh is one of my favorite people. She is so beautiful inside out. Oh and she can be really funny.

4. Shivi – I became friends with her only about 1 month or so back and oh my god she is so nice. She is so talkative and she talks so animatedly about everything, its really cute and funny!

5. shaz – She seems like a quiet person when you first meet her, but my god is she crazy! She is super fun and once you become friends with her she will not stop talking! Plus, she is super  cute!

6. SG – This girl is amazing. I have written abut her before here. I am not sure if we are friends exactly but we do talk a bit. She is honestly so cool and she is an amazing writer. She makes Psychology class so much more interesting.

7. Kaii – She is a really cool person. She is funny sarcastic and just fun to be around. She makes History class even more fun. Oh and she is a really great writer as well. (And again, I am not sure if we are really friends but I am putting her in this list anyways.)

8. P – This is someone I did not initially like but once i got to know her better, I realized she isn’t that bad. I am not sure if she should be in my list of favorite friends but oh well.

9. Tree – She is someone who I used to get along with really well when we were kids but then we hit a rough patch, fought a bit and then grew apart. Then she moved to a new city but once she moved away, we started talking again and grew so close. I love her, she is really an amazing friend. I don’t talk to her very often and I see her only about once a year but I am so comfortable around her and she really makes me feel at home.

10. Nivi – She and I have had our fair share of fights and misunderstanding and I never thought that we would become friends but we did. Now we both are so busy with school and all so we talk less but we do make it a point to keep updated on each other’s lives. She is a sweetheart!


2 thoughts on “Day 29 – My 10 Favorite friends right now

  1. Does it make sense that sometimes I can relate to you so much that I kind of feel like unloading all my problems and secrets on you? I don’t know why. I feel like we have a secret blogging bond that no one knows about and I love that. I wish we’d talk more in school, because I really don’t relate so completely to many people, but I do to you.

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    • Aww. You know you can unload all your problems and secrets on me if you want, I really don’t mind. And I would love it if we could talk more in school, I am just so painfully awkward around people that I don’t know how to start conversations.


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