Day 28- Bucket List!!

I love Bucket lists! They are so much fun! Here is mine-

1. Get a tattoo.
2. Move to New York City.
3. Backpack through Europe.
4. Dye my hair different colors – Red, Pink, Blue, Green etc etc.
5. Take a picture everyday for a year.
6. Find Hogwarts!
7. Attend a masquerade ball.
8. Go to an airport, buy a ticket for a random flight, get on it and go!
9. Visit the walk of fame.
10. See the Northern lights.
11. See a Broadway play.
12. Own a Polaroid Camera.
13. Go on a scavenger hunt.
14. Goon a road trip.
15. Donate hair to cancer patients.
16. Try Sushi.
17. Post a letter on Juliet’s wall in Verona.
18. See the great pyramids.
19. Try food from allover the world.
20. See the Roman Colosseum.
21. Donate blood.
22. Learn about Greek Mythology.
23. Explore India.
24. Walk perfectly in heels.
25. Go to coachella.
26. Visit the tunnel of love in Ukraine.
27. Learn to Dance.
28. Visit the Louvre.
29. Go on a carnival date.
30. Sleep under the stars.
31. Dance in the rain (so cheesy)
32. Click a picture everyday for a year.
33. Learn Russian, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. (at least 2 of these)
34. Learn to sign properly.
35. Go on a vacation with my friends.


4 thoughts on “Day 28- Bucket List!!

    • Yes, I really want to go to Paris! I have thought of a few ideas for tattoos. I actually want around 3 or 4 tattoos. One on the back of my neck which would be either a dragon or a phoenix. Another one would probably be a phrase or a word on my wrist I think. Another one I was thinking could be on my collarbone, though I am not sure what I want to get there.

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