The LGBT Community

We live in such a hetero normative world. And hetero-normativity (That’s a legit word right?) is so deep rooted in all of us that we just assume that everyone on this planet who is not openly LGBT is straight. And it’s not that it’s something people do consciously but everything in this world is framed around heterosexual couples. Many times people ask girls if they have a boyfriend? They do this with the best of intentions but again they just assume that she must be straight. And this kinda makes it awkward for gay people who have to correct you and say something along the lines of – no, but I have a girlfriend- or something like that. Now it’s very difficult to change your entire way of speaking, but using gender neutral terms or not assuming everyone is straight does help LGBT people. Like you could ask – are you seeing someone? – instead of – do you have a boyfriend? It’s not too much to ask for but it does make a difference.

And the second thing I wanted to talk about is that stupid law in the Indian penal code. Section 377 which criminalizes ‘carnal intercourse against the order of nature’ is in my opinion such a stupid and backward thinking law. This law basically makes homosexual sex illegal and can lead to a 10 year imprisonment. I don’t understand how consensual sex between two individuals of any gender or sexual orientation is of any concern to the government of a country. I don’t even understand what people think will happen if LGBT people have sex? This stupid law was implemented when the country was ruled by the British and while the British have changed their own laws, India is still following this medieval law. How can you take away a person’s right to love? Does a LGBT person not deserve to love and be loved and be happy with whomever they want? On one hand people talk about India developing at a really fast pace and becoming “modern” and on the other hand they still implement laws like this one. How can people not understand that being LGBT is okay? It’s more than okay. It’s perfectly “normal”. And plus, homosexuality is not a choice. People do not choose to be LGBT. In a country where this community is discriminated against so much who would choose to be LGBT? And for the sake of argument lets say that it is a choice, then when did heterosexual people choose to be “straight”? I don’t understand why the government has to interfere in someone’s personal life and take away their right to love. Its as unfair as it can get. It is due to laws like these that LGBT people are scared of coming out and are scared of people not accepting them and keeping yourself hidden in nothing less than torture for people.


4 thoughts on “The LGBT Community

  1. I am not into the gay lifestyle myself, however, I have absolutely no problem with people who are. The thing that perplexes me is why there is so much opposition to gay marriage when that will never under any circumstances devalue the role of traditional marriage. Quite honestly, even though I am not into the gay lifestyle, nor do I know anybody personally who is gay, I have no problem with same sex marriage.


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