Day 26 – What make me feel better always

On bad days, the few things that always make me feel better are as follows-

1. Talking to my friends – This always always helps me. I love to talk to my friends and they can brighten my day no matter what.

2. My crush – She (unknowingly) always makes me feel better no matter how sucky my day is. She is such a beautiful person.

3. Blaring loud music and crying my eyes out – Having a good cry once in a while really helps in making me feel better.

4. Food – I don’t think this one requires an explanation!

5. People Watching – This is not as weird as it sounds! I just like to go sit in public places and imagine the kinds of things that must be going on in the lives of the people around me. It makes me feel less alone.

6. Watching TV shows – This helps most of the time but not always.


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