An Old Friend

So I re-connected with an old friend of mine today. She was my first female crush and I have written about her before here. I met her after almost a year and we spoke only once or maximum twice in the past year. Recently, she back into town for a break and I ran into as she lives in the neighborhood. She wanted to make plans and I agreed that we should catch up but I din’t think it would actually happen because she isn’t very good with keeping promises and keeping plans. Never has been. But it did happen and I did meet her today. It was an interesting experience. She has changed so much over the past year, for better or for worse I don’t know! It felt like she was a completely different person. I felt really strange around her. I had hoped it would be a fun evening and it was but it was also extremely strange for me. Her interests and priorities have changed so much. She has become way too much into alcohol, sex and smoking and is obsessed with it. It’s fine with me if that your thing, I don’t mind that at all but I feel that she is into it way too much for her own good.  And I don’t know why but I don’t think we are going to friends for long. Because she lives far away, I hardly see her, She doesn’t bother to keep in touch and our interests don’t match at all.  So I am probably going to lose another friend but this time I don’t mind, because you just need to let some people go. She has developed into an individual who I don’t have much in common with but that’s okay. I have come to realize that sometimes you lose friendships which you thought were forever but it’s better than hurting yourself over and over by keeping them. So I am not happy that we don’t have much in common anymore and all that but it’s all right. I understand that we are just too different to remain friends. So yeah, this entirely directionless post was just meant to console myself.


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