Earthquake Alert!!

There has been an earthquake in Nepal and North India. It has been recorder to be of 7.9 magnitude and there has been another one of 6.6 magnitude. I myself felt the tremors while at school today. The tremors have been felt in Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and North India. There are earthquake threats in Bihar, Uttar pradesh, Jharkhand and Orrisa for today.  There have been around 750 deaths in Nepal and around 30 deaths in India. There have been a few deaths in Bangladesh as well and around 8 mountaineers who were in the Himalayas have been killed. There has been widespread devastation and an even more massive earthquake is expected later tonight.  If anyone is in the affected areas, please be careful. I hope everyone is okay. Please take care and stay safe. The aftershocks might be felt for the next 3-4 days. so please take care. I have friends who are from Nepal and I hope that all their families are safe. And I hope all my friends and family are safe. Hope all is well with everyone.

Update- A set of my mother’s colleagues went to Nepal for a holiday. They have been affected by the earthquake and are out in the roads for tonight and will figure out a plan of action tomorrow. Please pray for their safety. And the safety of everyone else affected by it. Thank you.


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