Day 24 – Something that I am currently Worrying About

I am currently really worried about my upcoming exams. On the basis of these upcoming exams we will be given our predicted scores which will determine my college admissions. So I am kinda stressed about that. I am also stressed about all the Internal Assessment papers that are due soon.

I am also worried about my mom a bit. She has been working really hard and is always stressed out about work. and she hasn’t been keeping very well. Nothing serious, but still.

I am also a little worried about our financial situation. This international school costs a shit load of money,  and it’s not that we have too many problems on the money friend but we don’t have much extra, so its sticking to the basics for now! And my mother pays for both me and my sister’s education, my grandmother’s medical bills and college is going to cost a shit load as well.  So I am a little worried about that.

Yeah, so those are my biggest worries right now.


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