Day 22 – Pet Peeves.

So my pet peeves…

1. People who seem to know it all. When you talk about everything like you know it all, you don’t seem smart to me, you are just annoying!

2. People who are always late.

3. When people look over your shoulder when you are texting or typing. I am not hiding anything, but please do not do that. It annoys me so much.

4. People who are always interrupting. Let me at least finish my sentence!

5. Self obsessed people. People who manage to maneuver the conversation back to themselves all the time can be so annoying.

Yaa, those are my biggest pet peeves, I think.


One thought on “Day 22 – Pet Peeves.

  1. […] What’s your biggest pet peeve? I think it has to be people looking over my shoulder at the screen when I am typing something. I really am not hiding anything but please stop doing that. You are making me hella conscious and uncomfortable and are really annoying me. And also when people see and read your message but don’t reply. Then after a couple of days they seem to suddenly remember they had to reply and reply to a message that may or may not be relevant anymore. For more, see here. […]


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