Day 21 – 15 Favorite Songs

I love music and it is really difficult to choose my favorite songs. Music helps when I am sad or angry or happy or in love or anything. It always always helps. My favorite songs usually keep changing but here are a few that I really really like.

1. Today has been okay – By Emiliana Torrini

2. Sweater weather – By The Neighbourhood

3. I always knew – By The Vaccines

4. Lean on – By Major Lazor

5. Mine – By Taylor Swift

6. Summertime Sadness – By Lana Del Ray

7. Take me to Church – By Hozier

8. Ho Hey – By The Lumineers (actually  I like a lot of songs By the Lumineers)

9. Ain’t no  Sunshine – By Bill Withers

10. It ends tonight – By The All American rejects

11. True colors – By Cindy Lauper

12. Chasing Cars – By Snow Patrol

13. Stay with me – By Sam Smith

14. I’m not the only one – By Sam Smith

15. Hero – By superchick

And sorry, but I have to add one more…

16. Macarena – By Los del Rio

Other songs I like include all songs from the movie Juno, Songs by Nirvana, Arctic monkeys, The vaccines, Lorde and many many more.

I did another post about music earlier and you can find that here.


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