Today has been Okay.

I have been down for a long while now. I haven’t been happy and I don’t know why. But today was different. It wasn’t a good day by any means. But it was better.

I dread going to lunch. I always feel that people are making fun of me or that they don’t want me around or something. Most of the time I am not very comfortable with the people I sit with. Today, I decided to sit at a different table. I was basically sitting with 4 girls, all of whom I am sort of friends with. Initially i felt really awkward and I wasn’t sure if I should sit there, but I did anyways. And it was really good that I did. I actually had fun. After a really long time, I was happy, not just pretending to be. Though it was short lived because it was just a one time lunch thing, it was nice. Those people are amazing. They were so nice to me. And they were so funny! And they actually heard what I said. I actually felt good, even if it was just for 15-20 minutes.


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