Day 18 – My Worst Habits

I hate to admit these but here goes…

1. PROCRASTINATION. Yes, I am huge procrastinator. I will put of things till the last possible minute. Even if I have ample time to do it beforehand, I will stay up all night the day before the deadline finishing the assignment.

2. OVER-THINKING. I am so guilty of doing this one.  I will over think every damn thing, no matter how little or big it is. I will keep thinking about it and draw the worst possible conclusions from it.

3. Staying up till really late at night. I do this way to often and every night I tell myself that I wont do it from tomorrow but I do it anyways. Every night. And I regret it every morning.

And lastly;

4. Hoarding pictures on my phone. It’s so stupid of me but I refuse to delete old and useless pictures of my phone until all the storage space on it runs out and I cannot click any more pictures. I usually have a backup of all the pictures on my laptop but I still keep them on my phone.


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