Small talk


I am not someone who is good at small talk. Like what even is small talk? What do you talk about? The weather? And then what? School? I just don’t know. And so whenever I have to make small talk I am just so tongue tied and mostly end up saying nothing and so people assume that either I am shy or not interested in talking, but believe me, I want to talk, I just don’t want to talk about the weather! So talk to me about things that are important to you. Tell me about your dreams, your fears. Hell, tell me about how a particular book or a certain song made you feel. Sometimes I feel that making small talk has become such a routine thing that people hardly bother to really get to know each other, to get to know what’s under the surface.

Don’t tell me that the weather forecast says it’s going to rain, tell me how the rain makes you feel. Tell me how autumn makes you all sentimental and makes you think of your family or how the orange sky reminds you of your best friend and how you never got to say goodbye. Tell me how it makes you feel to look into your love’s eyes and how being with them makes you feel. Tell me about your childhood and tell me about your family. Tell me how messed up your childhood was or how beautiful it was. Talk to me about that one moment in your life that brings you to tears whenever you think about it. Don’t tell me about who is dating who or the latest gossip, tell me about your love, your heartbreak, your pain. Tell me how much you love life right now, or how much you hate it. Tell me your reason to live. And when I ask you how you are, please don’t give me a generic fine or a typical “I’m great!”. Tell me the truth, I really want to know, I really do care and I am not just asking for the sake of asking. Tell me if you are upset, tell me if you feel horrible and just want the ground to swallow you whole, tell me if your heart is breaking into a million little pieces.  I don’t know how much help I will be, but I will always be there to listen. I will be there to listen even when you are ecstatic, or are just genuinely happy about something. I just want to stop making small talk and talk about the deep shit… Life, love, existence, death, pain, happiness, drugs, alcohol, art… whatever really, whatever it is that you feel strongly about.

Sure, tell me the everyday stuff, the usual stuff, the funny stuff or the stupid jokes, but just don’t forget to tell me the important and the deep stuff.

“I love deep talks. Like, hell yeah, tell me about why you’d prefer to talk to your mom rather than your dad. Tell me about your favorite lyrics in the songs you listen to everyday and why they’re your favorite. Tell me about the dog you had when you were growing up and how he was your best friend. Tell me about what kind of books you like to read when you’re alone in your room. Tell me about the things you think about right before you fall asleep. Tell me anything and everything. I just want to be the one you tell it all to. Please let me be the one.”

The truth is I’m not good at small talk. I’ve never been good at it. I’m not good at talking about things like the weather or something that may or may not have happened a few years ago. Ask me about things I’m passionate about. Ask me about the scar on my forehead. Ask me about the birthmark on my leg. Ask me about why I feel so strongly about not having kids. Ask me why I secretly dream to work with children some day. Ask me why I love going out in the rain so much. Ask me why I prefer when it’s cold than when it’s hot. Ask my what makes it so easy to leave everyone and everything behind and start over. Ask me about the secrets that haunt me or the things I’ve never had the courage to tell anyone. Ask me why my favourite book is my favourite one and why my favourite tv show is my favourite one or my favourite movie is my favourite one. Ask me why I make it a point to be nice to everyone I meet and ask me why I refuse to say anything that may hurt anyone. Ask me things that stirs my soul and the shy girl you know will crawl out of her shell and you will see her in a way you’ve never seen her before.” “Small Talk I don’t care what you think of the professor’s lecture today Or how cold this winter’s been I don’t want to talk to you about the little things I wanna know what keeps you up at night The good and the bad What are your dreams? What haunts your nightmares? Makes you tick? Wonder? Laugh? Cringe? I wanna know what your dream job was when you were seven The earliest memory of your childhood That one phrase your mom says that drives you nuts What show could you binge watch over and over again? What movie makes you cry every time? What’s your favorite book? What type of songs do you sing in the shower? I want to know anything Everything About you And I want you to know about me too So let’s skip the awkward introductions And go right to the part that matters” tumblr_nelb44w21h1sfgfh0o1_500


One thought on “Small talk

  1. I agree. I’m not good when it comes to small talk; I’ve always felt like it was meaningless and wasting time.

    However, as I got older, I think that it’s also a good way to meet new people, get the ball rolling, and potentially lead to deeper conversations and lasting friendships over time. Not every single conversation has to be deep; sometimes, it’s just good to have some fun.

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