Day 14 – Timeline of my Day

My typical day is usually very boring and monotonous but here goes –

5 – 6:30 – I wake up anytime between 5 to 6:30 depending on when I slept or how much work I have. If I wake up early, I usually study.

6:30 – 7:10 – Get ready for school while listening to music and dancing around the house! (Don’t judge, okay!?)

7:10 – 7:45 – Travel to school with my sister, again while listening to music or reading a book or occasionally finishing school work.

8:10 – 3:05 – School. I usually have about 4 to 5 classes everyday. Mostly 4 double lessons which are about an hour and twenty minutes and one single lesson which is around 40 mins and lunch which is approx. 30 mins and a 10 min short break.

3:15 – 4:05 – Travel back from school with my sister while listening to music and discussing all the events of the day.

4:05 – 5 – Grey’s anatomy and tumblr/Wordpress.  Oh and I also get something to eat around this time.

5 – 6 – Reading or doing Random stuff on the internet or sometimes studying.

6 – 7 Hanging out with friends/family or with myself.

7 – 8:30 – School work

8:30 – 9 – Dinner and TV

9 – whatever time I am awake till – studying/ TV/ Internet/ Blogging/ Chatting with friends/listening to music or anything else I fell like doing.

Yaa, I know its pretty boring and I really need to start studying more, exams are approaching! Ugh.


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