I am done

Sometimes it feels like I will never be good enough for my mom. I try to do whatever she says, I try to be good but she never seems to be satisfied or happy with me. My friends never seem to want to be around me. They would rather hangout with anyone but me. I am so stupid that I cannot even seem to make and keep friends. I just want someone to want me. I just want someone to need me and to want to talk to me. I know it is selfish of me to want so much but please, just be there for me

I always seem to mess up everything I do and everything I touch. That is why people don’t want me around. I am a fuck up. I am a mistake. It has to be me, what else could it be? I am tired of people hating me and not wanting me around and of people always choosing someone else over me. I am very very tired. No one cares. Absolutely no one cares. And the pain is becoming unbearable. I can’t do this anymore.

I am just so tired of trying and failing. I just want to give up now. I am done. I am so done. Just pull the trigger.


2 thoughts on “I am done

  1. You are not alone, I assure you. Writing is a good step. I’m sorry your Mum and friends don’t understand you and that you feel alone, but yu aren’t. There is a community here willing to listen and help. We have all experienced similiar things. For every bad day, a good day is coming. Don’t give up yet x

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