Day 13 – What is in my Purse

I don’t usually carry a purse, but when I do, its just full of junk and stuff I usually don’t end up using. So, it usually has-
1. A book
2. My wallet
3. My phone
4. My earphones
5. My iPod
6. My lip gloss/lipstick
7. A small tube/bottle of moisturizer
8. Sunblock (during summers)
9. A small hair-brush
10. A hair tie
11. A small notebook
12. A pen
13. Sanitary pads
14. A handkerchief
15. Eyeliner/Kajal (sometimes)
16. Mints
17. Face wash (sometimes)
18. Hand Sanitizer
19. My glasses
20. Keys

Yup! so that’s about it!


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