I am Losing my Mind!

Warning – Rant post

Is is possible to have a crush on more than one person at the same time? Because I don’t know why but that happens to me way too often. Am I going crazy? It’s not that I like the first person any less its just that I like more than one person. And it’s crazy crushing! It’s like all I can think about is both of these people. And it’s consuming my mind and all my time! And I know that it’s never going to happen so it is making me even more crazy!! (One of them is probably straight and the other person is bi but she is seeing someone else)

I just feel like screaming for an hour or something. And I want like slap myself or like scream at myself to have some guts and go talk to them normally without making yourself look like a moron! And I am usually invisible to both of them but the few times that they do acknowledge my existence, its either just an exchange of smiles or a hey or on rare occasions a very short conversation with one of them. And even in that incredibly short exchange, I manage to make myself look stupid!

Ughh, I think I am losing my mind!!!


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