Day 11 – If I Won the Lottery

If I won a lottery I would probably use the money (assuming it is money that I won, lots and lots of money!) to pay for college in the US and use whatever is left to help pay for my sister’s school so my mom does not have to worry so much and work so hard. I also want to buy a house for my mom.

And then I would probably buy a new phone for myself and travel a lot. Travel to all the places I have read about in books. And maybe buy lots of books and clothes and shoes for myself and probably for all my friends and family! I would also have enough money to take dance lessons so I would probably do that. And maybe I would pay for singing lessons for my sister because she is a really good singer and if she trains more she can be really really amazing!

Yaa, I know I probably won’t win enough money to do all of this, but that isn’t gonna stop me from dreaming!


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