Okay, so I decided that I should go to prom and so I went. It was… interesting. We got ready in the school only and all of us got ready together so that part of the evening was fun. Helping with each other’s makeup, hair and choosing dresses and all that. I went with a couple of my friends to prom and everyone kind of walked in on a red carpet which was pretty scary for me, but it was okay. Then, my crush (this girl I keep talking about – I have referred to her as R in some of my previous posts!) walked in with her date and my god, It was such a heart-breaking but beautiful moment for me. She wore a Green dress and she looked amazing. Then initially I just hung around with a few people, got pretty bored. Then they announced prom king and queen, which was nice. This was followed by the cake cutting ceremony and then everyone started dancing and all. The dancing part was fun and so was the eating part! Then the prom king and queen did a slow dance and then all the couples joined in. It was so beautiful to watch. R dancing with her date and I literally could not keep my eyes of her, she looked so beautiful. Then we took a history class picture which was really nice. I went with this friend of mine (who I have referred to as Shaz in my previous posts) but I kind of ended up not hanging out with her much so that was kind of bad and my shoe broke halfway through but it was fine! Overall, It was alright, It was not amazing but whatever.


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