Day 9 – First celebrity crush

You know the when you are 13 or something and most girls start having celebrity crushes and are always talking about or more like shrieking about it. Well, I didn’t. And everyone around me would be like he (some or the other male celebrity) is so hot or so cute or whatever and I never found them hot or cute. So I assumed that there was something wrong with me and so I pretended to like them to and would be like, yeah he is cute.

Then when I had my first celebrity crush I was so happy and so freaked out at the same time. Happy because I finally had one and freaked out because it was a girl. This was the time I was figuring out who I was and all that shit. I actually had two celebrity crushes at the same time. They were Mila Kunis and Olivia Wilde. And they were followed by Angelina Jolie, Ellen page and Miranda Kerr. Now, I don’t really call them crushes because I don’t think I can crush on someone I don’t even know at all but I do find all of them really beautiful and love their work. So yeah. Umm, okay bye.

P.S- I really need to start finding better ways to end my posts!

P.P.S. – In case you have not seen Juno, I urge you to do so immediately. It is one of my most favourite movies ever (starring Ellen Page) and I just watched it for the 6th time day before yesterday and I still love it as much as I did the first time.  Ohh and the music in that film is also amazing.


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