Day 8 – Old photos #memories

Oh my god, I feel so guilty about missing a day of this challenge, but I do have a valid reason for missing. I went for my school Prom! (more on that later) Anyways so today I am going to put up yesterday’s and today’s challenge posts.

So here are some of my old photos (sorry, but the photos are not very clear) –

  1. photo0715
  2. photo0713 Me with my favourite childhood doll who I named Greeny. (how original! :P). Oh, and I still have the doll.
  3. photo0237Me with my baby sister.
  4. photo0716Making sand castles with my grandmother on a beach in India.
  5. photo0712
  6.    photo0711  Playing with yet another doll and an aunt of mine.

Yaa, so that’s about it!


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