My Inspiration

Everyday things, little things literally everything I see around me inspires me to do something or the other or at least think about something. And so many people in my life inspire me in ways that they will probably never realize.  But lately, there have been 2 people who have really inspired me. One of them inspired me to start writing this blog, and the other, to come out as gay.

This first person, because of whom I started writing this blog, is a classmate/friend of mine. I came across her blog accidentally and I loved her writing. At this point, I did not know whose blog that was. For me it was just a random blog I read and loved. And so I posted a comment saying how much I loved it and tbh, I did not even expect a response. Surprisingly, I did get a response and a really nice one that too. So we started talking. I told her a little bit about myself and i don’t know why but I could really relate to whatever she had written. Once, she asked me if I wrote a blog, and I said I didn’t. But then after reading her writing and seeing how putting things into words really helps in sorting stuff out, I decided to start writing too. So once I started this blog, she was the first person I sent this link to and she actually bothered to read it and was nice enough to say that she liked it. This was so encouraging for me. So after talking to her a bit more, we found out that we were from the same place and then from the same school! We were both so shocked/surprised. So after this we kind of started talking a little in school and stuff so that was nice. But my point is that if it weren’t for her and her blog, I probably won’t be writing mine here today. And writing this blog has honestly made my life better and easier to understand for myself. So yeah, she was such a huge inspiration for me. Of course, I am too shy to tell her that but yeah. And I kind of realized that she is a really really nice person. Like she is really easy to talk to and for some unexplained reason I really trust her. In fact, in one of our conversations in school, I mentioned that I had lost some weight and I was really happy about it. I never mention anything about my weight to anyone. So yeah, I don’t know what it is about her but I think she is an amazing person and a huge inspiration for me and I wish I was better friends with her!

The second person, is a girl from my history class. We are not exactly friends considering I have talked to her only about 2 or 3 times but I did have a really important and meaningful (at least to me) conversation with her once, sitting on the washroom floor. I have mentioned her in one of my previous posts as Annie. So basically when I figured out that i could possibly be gay, I was shit scared initially and decided that I will never ever tell anyone in my entire life. Then slowly, I told a couple of my friends but I was still quite scared and thought that those were the only people I would ever tell. But it was really difficult keeping a huge part of my life a secret and I just wanted to tell people but I was too scared. Then one day, in history class, we were just sitting and talking casually with our teacher and he asked her if she was seeing someone. She was reluctant to answer but she said that she was seeing a girl. And she admitted that she was bisexual. Now this came as a surprise for me, the fact that anyone would admit it so openly. At that moment my respect for her rose sky high and I was in so much awe of her courage. Then slowly I started noticing that she was really happy with her girlfriend and she did not hide this from the world. So that’s when I decided that if she was brave enough to do it then so was I. If it weren’t for her I would probably still be in Narnia! She was my inspiration for having the guts to be who I am. And as I have mentioned before in another post, she is a really nice person and once in that very “meaningful” conversation that we had she said that if I ever needed to talk to someone about anything to do with stuff like this she was there for me. As I said, we are not exactly friends but she has been a huge inspiration to me.
(On a side note, she is smokin’ hot! Sorry, is that inappropriate?)

Anyways, the whole point of this post was to acknowledge two huge sources of inspiration in my life. kthanksbye.


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