Our prom is this Thursday. I have been so excited about it for so long but as it nearing I am thinking of not going. I really want to go but it’s too much hassle. I will have to think of what to wear and how to dress up and all that. I was thinking of wearing a dress like most girls are supposed to but if I do I will be so self-conscious. I will just keep thinking about whether I am looking all right and stuff. Plus the moment I put on my dress my weight will bother me, my pimples will bother me, and I will look in the mirror and find all the faults I can about my body and make myself feel bad about it. I will most definitely feel fat and ugly.

Plus I won’t even have anyone to hang out with. Out of the few friends I have, most of them are not coming. So I will not know who to talk to and who to socialize with so I will probably end up standing in one corner and talking to no one. Like I know I can talk to other people but they all have their social circles and friends they want to have fun with and I do not want to interfere. So I am really in two minds about whether I should go or not. I really want to go but I don’t know if I should.


3 thoughts on “Prom!

  1. Prom sounds like a really bug deal and I’m so excited to go next year but I know I will be in the exact same position as you – worrying about how I look – and when it comes to who to hang out with I had this same dilemma when it came to a school camping trip which I was really looking forward to but then hi fell out with the fired I was going with – and I didn’t really talk to anyone else that was going – so I got really upset and was considering dropping out but I didn’t and I suprised myself and hung out with people I rarely talked to but they were so nice and I moved between groups of people who I knew I could talk to and it was the best experience of my life! … Basically what I’m saying is people might suprise you and those you might not have been really friends with can actually make an experience – like prom – really fun! But if find even the thought of prom has to many compilations just don’t go you could hang out with your real friends instead or if not you might end up having an awesome time at prom with people you never knew could be so nice 😄 – hoped this -extremely on comment – helped a little 😊 xx

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