Day 5 – My Guilty Pleasures

Here is a list of my Guilty pleasures-

1. Grey’s Anatomy – For those of you who don’t know this TV show, its basically a drama revolving around the lives of a set of doctors. Its really cheesy but I still watch it and would probably watch it as many times as it runs on television.

2. The Sound of Music – This is a super cut musical film that I have watched probably more than 10 times.

3. Crazy dancing to the song Wannabe – Wannabe is a song by the spice girls and sometimes i start blasting it on my music player and start crazy dancing to it. either alone or with my sister.

4. Anything and everything Chocolate.

5. Gilmore Girls – Another really cheesy, quaint TV show that I love.

6. Princess Diaries – This is a book series written by the author Meg Cabot. I used to love this series when I was younger and I still do. It’s so cute!

7. Old Taylor Swift songs – Yes, I used to love the old mushy love songs that Taylor Swift used to sing.

okay, so these are the only ‘guilty pleasures’ I can think of right now!


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