Why It’s Okay To Not Always Be Okay

Thought Catalog

Flickr / Helga WeberFlickr / Helga Weber

Sometimes, we get so caught up in wanting everything to be picture perfect. We edit our pictures and post happy statuses and tweet lyrics to songs that are the exact opposite of our mood just so people think we’re alright. When we’re curled up in bed crying late at night, we don’t call the people who would make us feel better because we don’t want to worry them or bother them.

We have created a world where it’s not okay to be not alright.

If there’s one thing I have finally come to terms with, after many sleepless nights and mornings spent crying into my pillow and all the bullshit answers of “nah I’m fine,” I’ve come to the conclusion that it is perfectly okay to admit shit is kind of fucked up sometimes.

Sometimes it feels like everything is crashing down and you aren’t good…

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