I Hate Small Talk

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Flickr / Elvert BarnesFlickr / Elvert Barnes

I hate small talk. I hate the mediocrity of small-minded exchanges. A part of me dies with each obsolete greeting and the trivial replies they yield. Don’t ask me what’s up, because all I see is the sky. Don’t ask me how are you, and expect some condensed lie of human state that is I’m fine or the grammatically incorrect I’m good. Don’t ask me about the weather because I am no meteorologist and please cease with the weather commentary. Look it’s universally understood that sunny days are superior and everything else yields misery so your words add no new insights. Could we just stop with the safety of such mundane topics? Could we sail off the harbor into the unspoken?

Instead, I want to hear your story. I want to know how you are actually doing. I want the full account of your state, every…

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