Is this what love feels like?

Every time I see her, I get butterflies
And every time she smiles, my heart melts.
For me, she is the definition of beauty,
But sadly she will never know.
She walks in and the room lights up,
When she is around,
I can see the light even on the darkest days.
And when she dances, everyone turns to look at her,
And why wouldn’t they?
I just want to be with her all day, every day.
I want to be with her through her happy days and through her sad ones,
And I never want her to feel like she is alone,
I need her to know that I am always there for her.
I can recognize her laugh anywhere,
And hearing her voice makes my entire day.
The thought of being away from her scares me,
Never seeing her again is my worst nightmare.
She makes me happy just by being there,
Maybe someday I could mean as much to her.
She came in and shook up my entire world,
And mow I know why hurricanes are named after people.
Her happiness has become essential for my happiness,
Is this what love feels like?

P.S.- Umm, I dont know where this came from, I do not usually write like this!?! I was just randomly sitting with the sticky notes open and I started typing, and this is what came out.
Oh my god!! I need to get a grip. She isn’t even mine and I am just dreaming away about her! (and plus as far as i know, she is probably straight)


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