All that happened this february…

Oh my god. So much happened over this past month or so that I am having trouble digesting all of it. I mean, it wasn’t anything big, but there were so many small but important events that happened and so I am just going to list them out. Both the good ones and the not so good ones. So here goes-

1. I was part of something called- Regional Round Square Conference. The theme for the conference was ‘Translate- Transform- Transfer’. Guest speakers from different walks of life came to our school to share their success stories and to talk about how they changed their lives. And then the participants were divided into groups and were supposed to discuss about what they heard and their views on the topic, etc. So I wasn’t really a participant. I was part of the press, which basically meant that i was assigned one group per day ( It was a 3-day long conference) and I had to write reports on each of the activities and events they took part in. It was the first time I did something like this and it was amazing. I had a lot of fun and I also got to learn a lot from the amazing Head of press and head of design. We were in school till 10 every night and we also had activities like a drama workshop and an art and design workshop. I also got to make some new friends and I was really luck to have been assigned to a group which had amazing group leaders. Added benefit, I got to hang out with R (my crush). Also, on the last night of the conference we had a party and so all of us dressed up and had dinner and danced, so that was a lot of fun too. Not so good part of the conference was that I kind of moved further away from my already breaking friend circle.

2. I have become insanely addicted to tumblr. (My URL – It has become my number one procrastination destination. I put of everything including my school work to just do random stuff on tumblr.

3. I made a new friend who is really really cool. (Read the post titled- my mini breakdown- for more about her.)

4. I had a minor breakdown in school. (Again, read the post titled- my mini breakdown- for more about it)

5. We had a psychology session on Neuro-linguistic programming. A professor from a university in Spain conducted it and it was really amazing!

6. Thanks to my procrastination and my easily distracted mind, I have missed 4 deadlines for submission of important school work. 4!!!!!

7. My little sister’s birthday is coming up. Its her 12th birthday. She is growing up soo fast. I still remember her holding my hand when she was 3 to go to the playground with me. And then when she was around 5 she used to pretend to read all my books! I was seen her grow up into a beautiful young lady! My relationship with her has improved so much over the past few months and she has started sharing everything with me. I hope my baby is always happy!

8. I just got a Harry Potter bracelet and pendant. The bracelet has a snitch, an owl and a deathly hallows symbol on it. And the pendant is also a deathly hallows symbol.

9. Valentines day was the most uneventful day ever. :/

10. I have decided to start saving up money for a trip to the states. I don’t know if I will be able to save enough to go or not but its worth a shot.


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