Umm, What is this??

Warning- this is just a stupid rant post. Read at your own risk!

So in one of my previous posts, I talked about this girl who I had a huge crush on. Let’s call her R. and as I said R is in my psychology class. There is another girl in my psychology class (let’s call her A). A is also in my world religion class. So the other day, I went to my world religion class, but for some reason I was late. So the only vacant seat was the one across from A. so I went and sat down. Since the moment I sat down, all I could think of was kissing A. I do not even have a crush on her, but I could not get my mind off her. I kept trying to concentrate on studying religion but my mind kept going back to how beautiful she was and how much I wanted to kiss her.

Now, I am so confused. Do I have a thing for her (A)? Then what about R? I think I am going crazy!! My mind is full of these thoughts that I can’t understand. Is it possible to like two people at one time??? Ughh, I really think my mind is going to explode.


7 thoughts on “Umm, What is this??

  1. I have had moments where I’ve suddenly felt an attraction towards someone whom I usually wouldn’t be attracted to. It might mean that you have a crush on this girl, it might not. People are complicated and confusing, especially when we’re young and trying to figure ourselves out. 🙂

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