My prison, A closet.

Just because heterosexuality is more common does not mean that its ‘normal‘. I don’t understand why homosexuals or transgenders are seen as outcasts or misfits. Love is love. People fall in love with a person for who they are and not for which gender they are.

I also don’t understand why homosexuals have to ‘come out of the closet‘? Who creates this closet? Why do people make us ( I am bisexual) feel like we need to hide a part of ourselves?

I understand that people have their own reasons for not declaring their sexuality. I myself haven’t told many people because I am not yet sure If i am bisexual or a lesbian. Even when you want to tell people you are scared of being judged because people don’t understand you. But after a point it starts to feel like the walls of the ‘closet’ are closing in on you and that you no longer have air to breathe in that confined space. And you feel stuck and helpless. You feel like you will explode if you have to keep this secret any longer but you know that telling people will result in you losing some friends and being judged harshly by others. This ‘closet’ is like a prison. I know, I have been there.

Sometimes I feel that why do i need to tell anyone that i am bi. I can just keep it a secret and be happy. But then i realize that i want to share my secrets, crushes and things like that with my friends. I don’t want to hide a part of who i am. A part of me that i am proud of.

Why is it that when you tell your friend that you like someone, they automatically assume its someone from the opposite gender? Why is it that people use the word ‘gay’ as an insult? People make homophobic comments without even realizing it. What they do not understand is that it hurts. It hurts a lot.

I sometimes do not know who to tell. Who will understand?

The thing is, the world is designed to suit heterosexual couples because they are more in number. How do you change this mindset of people? How do you make people realize that homosexuality is not wrong? Its just as ‘normal’ as heterosexuality is!


6 thoughts on “My prison, A closet.

  1. I salute you. And I really like your blog. And honestly, you have to stop caring about random people. Anyone with even an iota of understanding of how the world works will recognize that you’re just being yourself and that there is nothing wrong with that.


  2. Hey – I stumbled upon this by doing some extreme blog stalking 😀
    God, you’re right. Why do we have to feel like we’re trapped? Loving anyone is okay. Not sure if you know this, but I’m also bisexual and I know how you feel. The world’s heteronormative, which is stupid. Why are people against certain sexualities, when it doesn’t hurt them? People are just trying to live their lives; what’s the harm in that?


  3. Gay people should never feel the need to hide who they truly are. I mean, why should they? They are only different from the rest of us based on sexual orientation, however, like straight people, they love with their hearts. That being the case, are they really so different from us?


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